What Makes Us Different

Professional Teeth WhiteningAll of our products are 100% natural and organic. That means: No bleach. None of our products or equipment will never hurt anything in your mouth. Everything we use is natural and our highly specialized gels kill bacteria and even gingivitis!

When you first walk in to Celebrity Smiles of Utah, you sign in and then we bring you back to your comfortable massage chair. From there, we begin the process of your professional teeth whitening.

First, we apply the strongest available whitening gel in conjunction with a cold laser. Once we get going on your teeth, each process is only about 20 minutes. During this time, you’re laying back in a comfortable massage chair relaxing and listening to beautiful music.

After this point, the rest of the time is spent on detail work. We actually detail your teeth in the areas that may have been missed initially. Careful not to get anything on the gums, we go into, around and in between your teeth hitting every nook and cranny to get you to your most whitest white. You can liken this process to a car wash. There are some car washes which will hurry you though a conveyor belt, and your car comes our dripping wet. Then there are professionals who detail your car to stunning perfection. Teeth detailing we like to call it!

We’ve maintained 5 stars since our open date. We will not let you leave our office until your teeth are the whitest white and that no more can be done. This is unparalleled service in the industry that we maintain as a standard. All done in one appointment. The first session opens the pores and the second & third gets the deepest, oldest stains removed. Years and years of stains since childhood and back to the same color your teeth originally grew in at.

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